Meet the Doctor

David Brown, D.C., DIBAK


No one ever guesses Dr. Brown’s correct age: his youthful appearance and vibrant presence are a testament to the benefits of natural health care. But it wasn’t always this way.

Early in his career, Dr. Brown was on track to become a medical doctor. A turning point came while volunteering at the University Hospital in Oklahoma during his undergraduate days where he saw first hand how the drugs and testing approach of western medicine could not help patients with chronic diseases. Instead they often got worse instead of better.

Then, when he had a personal experience with symptoms that baffled medical doctors, natural health care put him back on his feet. Once he completed his BS in Medical Biology at Oklahoma Christian University, natural health care became his passion. Fueled by a belief that, with some exceptions, most of the resources we need to heal ourselves are provided in nature without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs, he made it his goal to find natural ways to help patients suffering from chronic health problems.

After training as a chiropractor at the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, his dedication to natural health led him to gain further expertise that exceeds that of most chiropractors.

Dr. Brown is one of only 1700 doctors in the world who have achieved a Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology, the highest level of certification in this profession. Applied Kinesiology studies the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of body movement: it is functional neurology that uses a precise system of manual muscle testing to diagnose deficiencies in the body’s structural, chemical or mental functioning and determine the most appropriate methods of treatment. This advanced level of training increases Dr. Brown’s ability to get to the root cause of a problem quickly, saving time and money for his patients.

Having completed a 3-year internship in Naturopathy, he sees what’s going on from a truly holistic perspective that goes beyond the structural and biomechanical viewpoint of chiropractic. He isolates areas of physiological dysfunction and determines what tests will identify problems most quickly. Knowing how to integrate homeopathy, herbs and other natural health modalities into the healing process, he can choose the methods that are most appropriate to an individual problem.

He and his wife, Angela, have four children, Ethan, Evan, Brinley, and Brayden, who have been treated with natural health care since birth and have never needed to take a pharmaceutical drug.